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Nicely presented, reliable, seamless.

Tom Calkins
Tom C
Owner, Snappy Tom Photos LLC

I can count on one hand how many people are as kind and thorough as Bob Warrick.  His work is methodical and comprehensive and he genuinely listens to his clients.  My business partner and I could not be happier with our cafe’s website and with the quick answers to emails Galactic Web Design sends when we need our site to be tweaked.

Shannon Portrait
Shannon H
Cafe Owner, Lafayette LA, United States

Working with Galactic Web Design has been a pleasure. I had an incredibly positive experience with their competent employees, and was amazed by their timely customer service responses.

The technician provided patient and effective interaction, and expressed a sensitivity to my needs. Although I am not tech-savvy, I was treated with respect and was able to communicate my needs for on-line representation.

The quality of the experience exceeded my highest expectations. Thank you, Galactic Web Design!!

Shirley Roggen Interior Design Testimonial Logo
Shirley R
Owner, Shirley Roggen Interior Design, Portland OR, United States

Great and timely service. Very easy to work with and able to create a quality website that was user friendly and functional. Also I found the services to be cost effective.

Jeff Ballantyne
Jeff B
Director, International Student Friendship Ministries, San Diego CA, United States

Bob Warrick assisted The Ridge Community Church with our website during a period of time when we were between satisfactory designs. He spent time researching and finding layouts, helping us implement graphics, and showing us how to use various buttons and features on our WordPress product.

Bob’s attention to detail and knowledge about websites surpassed ours and we were very grateful for his expertise!

Rebecca Loose
Rebecca L
Financial Manager, the Ridge Community Church, Broomfield CO, United States