We offer two ways of engaging us: Get an Instant Quote or Schedule a Needs Discovery Meeting with us.  Either way, a quote that fits your needs and budget will be provided up-front. No surprises!

  • Instant Quote: Our innovative Web Design Quoting System, is designed to quote the creation of any size project, small or large.  Add only the pages and features you need based on the content you have and what you wish to communicate on your ​website.  Size your website project in sync with the size of your budget!
  • Needs Discovery and Design Meetings: We learn about you, your company and your project goals. We work with you to identify project requirements. The result is a project estimate for your review and approval. An approved estimate becomes our work agreement. Schedule a Needs Discovery Meeting

An experienced web design professional will listen your needs and will present you with options for your new website​, guiding you through the process. To get started simply Request a Personal Custom Quote to schedule a needs discovery meeting with us. During that first meeting, we get to know your business and ask how we can help. If your project look likes like a match for both of us, we explain our process and timeframe for the next steps.

As you browse Our Services, if there a service missing that you need for your website, simply Request a Missing Serviceand we will be happy to research and test the feasibility of adding your desired feature to our Service catalog. Once we add it to our Service catalog, we will notify you and you will be able to order the new Service.

Sure – there are website creation platforms out there that enable you to create your own website. They are good for getting a very basic website up and running at minimal cost. However, we caution against using such services, especially for businesses, because of their limitations. You are locked into their feature set so as your business grows and matures you may quickly find your site needing new features, customizations and scalability that your basic website and platform just can’t handle.

At that point you will need to start over with a fresh new website built upon a highly flexible, scalable, customizable and expandable platform, such as what we provide for at Galactic Web Design. To avoid frustration and setbacks with your basic web platform, we recommend choosing our services at the outset of your website project and let us do all the geeky technical work.  Avoid re-work and save money in the long-run.


In a new site design, site structure (and therefore URLs) are very likely to change. ​To avoid an SEO disaster when re-designing a website:

  • Wherever possible, we attempt to minimize the number of URLs that change on the new site.
  • When URLs change, we implement measures to ensure that organic SEO page rank and Google juice remains intact when cutting-over to the new site.

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