Does your website look like it was created in the stone age?

stone age website with outdated web features




Feel like unplugging your website?

Does your website need an extreme makeover?

Does your website contain outdated web features? If your website uses any of the following old-fashioned, old-school, outdated, stone-age web page features, it’s time for a new custom website by Galactic Web Design! We make sure there are good reasons for every feature and element you have on your website.  Often, 20% of the design elements on your website bring 80% of the results you’re after!

Stone-age website features

  • Greeting page or splash page or flash intros
  • Flash site (Google cannot see flash sites!)
  • Intimidating, overwhelming, lengthy text that doesn’t stand out and catch your eye.  Without clear space to provide a sense of visual priority, visitors have no idea where to look first, decide not to read such lengthy text and immediately leave your site!
  • Images are too small
  • Photo gallery unattractive and takes multiple clicks to view the next photo – not fun to navigate
  • Photos load too slowly
  • Large image fillers (instead of getting to the point)
  • Photo carousel
  • Stock Photos
  • Animated GIFs everywhere
  • 3D fonts as GIFs
  • Autoplay Videos
  • Small video playback areas
  • Auto-playing MIDI music
  • Automated Popups
  • Marquee, scrolling tickers, frames
  • ‘Hello World’ Blog Post
  • Sidebars
  • Search bar
  • Tag cloud
  • Reloading Pages
  • sites for mobile, instead of using Responsive Design technology
  • Not mobile-optimized. Doesn’t scale to smaller screen widths such as tablets and smart phones (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Vertical page orientation with wide empty margins – doesn’t take advantage of today’s wide-screen machines
  • Non-intuitive
  • Hit counter
  • Guest book
  • Intense backgrounds
  • Clip art
  • Tables
  • Buttons made of images instead of scalable, flexible technology
  • Requires visitors to install archaic media playback technologies such as a flash player.
  • Navigation options are confusing.  It’s not clear how to get around the site. Navigation should be helpful and make sense.
  • Site runs too slow. Visitors are losing patience with the site.​
  • Is ranked very low in Google search results, compared with your competition.
  • You have no idea whether your are getting any visitors to your site
  • Doesn’t have features you see on other more modern websites.
  • It doesn’t enable you to make your own content changes: you have to go to your web developer for each and every change of content you want on your site.​