Most web design companies use emails for storing project information – not a good practice. We’ve found a better way: Instead of sending and keeping endless, scattered emails, when we begin working with you, we create a private, intuitive Project Site for your project for immediate collaboration between you and us.  Everything having to do with your Project is centralized in your Project Site. On your Project Site, we easily and efficiently track the project with the following Lists:
  • Discovery: Project goals, company description (ideal customer, products, services, niche, history/successes, problems, reviews, marketing, advertising, client-facing process), project timeline and budget.
  • Ideas:  Proposed work items, project ideas, design ideas, things needing discussion
  • Project Requirements (Flat Rate Projects): Captures all requirements (scope of work) for your project. Based on your project requirements, we create a project estimate.
  • Authorized To Do (Hourly Rate Projects or Tasks): Client-authorized, billable work items with optional due date.
  • Client Tasks You as our Client are partners with us in this Project. During the project you will be asked to perform various tasks. Generally, you will be asked to 1) submit content (copy, photos, video, audio) in accordance with the Content Guidelines (How To Organize, Prepare and Send Us Your Content); 2)  Review draft versions of your website at various stages in the project and either approve the website or request changes that are within the scope of the Project Requirements.  To keep the project moving toward timely completion of all tasks, please promptly respond to Client Tasks (Cards) that are posted on this List.  Any due dates we agree on will be attached to the task and you will received automatic reminders when the due date is approaching.
  • Doing: Work in-progress
  • Done: Completed work
If needed, custom Lists can quickly and easily be created for any unique needs for your project.
Cards Any Project Member can add or edit items (called Cards) on a List. Each card can have a summary title on the front of the Card and a description on the back of the Card. Optional checklists, due dates, reference links and attachments can be easily added to each item (on the back of the Card).
  • Items on each list can easily be dragged-and-dropped from one list to another list, vastly simplifying project management and collaboration. Items on a list can be quickly prioritized by dragging them to any position (top to bottom) on the list.
  • Project Members can easily be assigned items on a list, simply by dragging their personal icon over an item.
  • Items with Due Dates automatically appear on the Project Calendar and automatically tracked with Due-Date related email notifications sent to the person assigned to an item.
  • All Activity related to an item is automatically tracked.  Project members can easily write a comment onto any item.

Project Notifications Project Members are automatically notified via email of any changes to the Project, such as Card movement between lists, Card assignments, Comments by project members, and Due Dates (additions, changes and upcoming due dates). For Due Dates assigned to Cards, you will receive an email reminder of the upcoming due date 24 hours before it is due.

To easily post a comment on the relevant Card within your Project Site, you can simply reply to an email notification. Or post a Comment directly on the relevant Card.

As an additional way of being notified, your Project Site will show a red alarm bell symbol on relevant Cards until you view that Card. Then the red alarm will go away.

Since the Project Site records all project-related details and events, Project Members can safely delete the notification emails they receive without worry about losing project information.