1. Get a Free Quote!
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Your website is very personal! It is the front-door to your business, organization or personal brand! It should give an awesome first impression to your visitors. Our first step is to provide to you a Request a Free Quote for your web design or other project. This is accomplished through a series of website planning and design meetings with you and through use of an online Project Site to easily and quickly collaborate with you about your project. But it is not just about your project — we need to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship with you and your company by delivering on our mission to help you get more customers. That process starts with Needs Discovery Meeting(s) with you.

  • Need Discovery Meeting(s) Here we get to know you, your company and your project goals during one or more needs discovery meetings.  We aim to gain an understanding of your business process, find out what you expect from your new website, how your existing website is failing your business, your desired outcome from having a new website, understand your target audience(s), and understand the type and quantity of content to be presented. After the Needs Discovery meeting, we create a rough draft of your Project Requirements. The Project Requirements support your Project Goals and should all contribute to getting you more leads, customers, sales, and revenue.

  • Preparation for Site Design Planning Meeting The amount of content to be presented on a website greatly influences the Site Design. In preparation for, and prior to, the Site Design Planning Meeting, you list all the types of content you want to be on your website, write, edit and gather up and send to us all content (in whatever form it is currently in) you intend to be part of your website. We provide content guidelines to help you help us. Your content will help us plan for the Site Design Planning Meeting.

  • Site Design Planning Meeting(s) Our Site Design Planning Meeting(s) seeks your input into two key aspects of your site: Site Structure and Brand Design:

    • Site Structure Plan Here we plan how to best divide up and present the content to your target audience (page hierarchy). Together, we discuss and identify what content goes on each page. We discuss with you each of the proposed Project Requirements and make site design plan modifications based on your answers / feedback.  Together, we identify Services that support your Project Goals, show how they can bring value to your business and adjust your Project Requirements, accordingly.
    • Brand Design Plan Our aim is to design your site to have a customer-winning brand. We ask you what atmosphere, values, feelings, emotions, image, colors and typography/fonts you want your site to convey. We want to help determine what looks best for you and help you achieve conversions that contribute to the goals you have for your site. We make recommendations and present you with design options to choose from. Based on your design choices, we adjust your Project Requirements, accordingly.

  • Estimate Review Meeting When all Site Design Planning Meetings are done, we create an Estimate based on your Project Requirements and schedule a meeting with you to review the Estimate together. We electronically send you the Estimate. Please review the Estimate to make sure it contains everything we discussed. Please also review our Terms and Conditions Agreement. You can Accept the Estimate or Request Changes. PLEASE NOTE: When you Accept an Estimate, that also means you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions Agreement.

  • Project Authorization Payment Once you Accept the Estimate, to get your project scheduled, we require a Project Authorization Payment of 30% of the Estimate Total. Receipt of your Project Authorization Payment authorizes us to schedule your Project. We credit your account for the amount of your Project Authorization Payment and that credit will be applied as a down payment against the Total to be invoiced when the project is completed.

2. We build your site and hold design review meetings with you

  • Site Partial Build When we begin your project, to represent the Site Design, we build the first two pages of your website: the home page and another page, in accordance with your Accepted Estimate (Order).

  • Site Design Review Meeting In this meeting, you review the Site Design and can approve the design or request design changes.

  • Finish Site Build When you approve the design, we finish building your site according to your Order.

  • Final Site Review Meeting In this meeting, you review the final version of the site, make sure all items on your Order have been fulfilled (except any Client Training items) and give final approval or request project-in-scope final change requests.

  • Site is on yourdomain.com When you approve the final site, we move the site to yourdomain.com where it remains visible to only you (and us).

  • Client Training We schedule a meeting where we train you (either in-person or via screen sharing) on training items identified in your Order.

3. We launch your site into orbit around the world wide web!

  • Launch Checklist and Final Payment Prior to launch of your website, all items on your Estimate / Order must be completed to your satisfaction and final, full payment of the outstanding balance of your invoice(s) must be received.

  • Launch Day! When full payment of the invoice is received, we launch your site into orbit so it can be seen and found on the world wide web! We also activate Google Analytics for your site, so your progress on website-related business goals can be measured. We hope you and your visitors enjoy your new website!

  • Mission Support Services  We don’t leave you on your own! To help prevent malware infections (help prevent your site from getting hacked), our first month of managed website service is included with your new website. Starting with the 2nd month after we launch your site and every month (until you cancel), we send you an invoice for the next month of managed website service.