If you are supplying the images for some or all of the following elements, you must provide images that are, at a minimum, as specified below. Note: if you provide images that are original MB size from your camera, you’ve more than satisfied the minimum and can ignore these minimum dimensions and file sizes.

*dimensions (pixel width x height), minimum file size (N KB)*

Page Header Image

Horizontal (Landscape orientation): 1600 x 600, 172 KB


For a full-screen slider, we recommend to make images 1200-1600px wide, on the bigger side, 66-76% JPG quality – a good compromise between image size/quality and page loading speed.  Maximum full-screen slider slide size: 1700 x 1100 px.

For a non-full-screen slider, use approx. 1024px wide images.

Porthole Slide Images: 1600 x 600, 100-200KB

Full-screen Slide Images at ideal proportions: 16*9  or 16*8. For example, 1040 x 585px (16*9) is calculated:  (1040px/16)*9 = 585px

Photo Album Photos

Minimum File Size: 80KB to 150KB for optimal image quality and page load speed.

Vertical (Portrait orientation): 480 x 672 (5 x 7 in)
Horizontal (Landscape orientation): 672 x 480 (7 x 5 in)
Square: 480 x 480 (5 x 5 inches) or 672 x 672 (7 x 7 in)

For larger Photo Album images, use one of the following sizes that work well:

1112 x 834 used in the demo photo galleries, where the layout content width is 1200px, boxed

900 x 600

1000 x 700

1200 x 600

1500 x 844, approx 94 KB

1500 x 1000

Albums Justified thumb-nails: N x 310 (all the same height, varying widths)

Albums Justified full-size sliders: N x 745 (all the same height, varying widths)

Portfolio Item Photos/Images

Recommended Horizontal (Landscape orientation, 1.43 (7/5) ratio):  1112 x 778 px (used in demo.gwd.com site)

5 x 7 inch Vertical (Portrait orientation): 480 x 672 px

7 x 5 inch Horizontal (Landscape orientation):  672 x 480 px

7 x 7 inch Square:  480 x 480 px (5 x 5 inches) OR 672 x 672 px

Product Image

Product Image: 204 x 152


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