Content is the text “copy”, images (photos, graphics), audio, video and links you want included in your website. The amount and type of content to be presented on a website greatly influences the Site Design.

Our role is focused on designing and producing a professional website — the how and where (formatting and layout of your site pages and content).

Your role is focused on providing to us the what (actual content of the website). Unless you’ve asked us to write Copy for you or gather images / photos for your site, the completion and success of your website is partially dependent on you providing content to us in a timely and organized manner. Before the Site Design Planning Phase of your project, you need to become actively engaged in writing and providing relevant content to us, for use on your website. This will enable us to complete your site in a timely manner – so your website can become a tool that helps your business gain more leads and customers.

Content Guidelines

Before you submit content to Galactic Web Design for use on your website, use these guidelines to: 1) organize your content (plan an outline for and create folders for your content); 2) author and prepare your content. Then you will be ready to 3) send us your content.

1. Organize (Plan an Outline for) Your Content

Create and use folders for your content that group related content together and the represent the purpose or location of the content on your website (page-name, section-name, element, topic). Note: if a needed folder for grouping your content does not exist, create a new folder and give it a meaningful name. Here are examples of meaningful folder names for your content.

– slider
– header
– footer
– sidebar
– about
– contact
– portfolio
– slideshow
– gallery
– logo
– features
– products
– services
– testimonials
– team
– clients
– events
– venues
– podcast
– audio
– video
– blog
– mailchimp

You can use these folders to store/organize all relevant media (text, images (photos, graphics), videos, audio files, Word documents, Pages documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.) that contains the content you want for your website.

2. Author and Prepare Your Content

  • Text Copy should be spell-checked, proofread, finalized, and ready for publication
  • Images (photos, graphics) should conform to our Image Guidelines.
  • Audio and Video should be played, reviewed, spell-checked, in final-form and ready for publication
  • Copyright Permissions You must have copyright permissions for any content you provide. Galactic Web Design, LLC will not be held liable for any violation of copyright laws.
  • Creative Commons Attribution If you use material licensed under Creative Commons license, you must provide proper Creative Commons Attribution.

3. Send Us Your Content

Here are the ways we recommend sending us content to be used on your site:

  • Text (sentences, paragraphs and links) that is not already available in a document Type (or copy/paste) the desired, final-copy text into the Description area on the back of the most relevant card on your Project Site. Your Project Site will notify us immediately that you’ve added/changed the content of a card.
  • Send One or Two Files If you have just one or a small handful of files (e.g., images | photos | documents) to send to us, use the Add > Attachment interface on the back of the Card (in your Project Site). Attach the file to an existing Card that is most relevant to your file or Add a new card. Your Project Site will notify us immediately that you’ve added/changed the content of a card.
  • Send a Folder of Files If you have many files (e.g., images | photos | documents) you want to send to us, we use a file collaboration / syncing service called Dropbox. Dropbox is the best way we’ve found for you to provide content to us and manage it all in one place, especially when you have a lot of images and documents that comprise your content. Any files or folders or files you place inside a Dropbox folder will be shared with those you’ve sent an email invitation Dropbox link to. The shared files and folders you place in your Dropbox folder or subfolder will be immediately available to us and we will get immediately notified of changes to the content of your folder (if we are at our computer). Also, files and folders we place in your Company dropbox folder will be immediately available to you and you will get immediately notified (if you are at your computer). Dropbox works on both PC and Mac machines. See How To Use Dropbox (below)

How To Use Dropbox

  1. When your Project begins, we will send you, via email, an invitation to Dropbox (a link) that shares a folder we setup inside Dropbox for your Company.
  2. To install a shared Dropbox folder on your machine, click on the link in the email we sent you; Create a Dropbox account by following the Dropbox procedures. You will then have a Dropbox folder on your machine with a subfolder named after your-company-domain-name.
  3. Inside your Dropbox > Company folder you can create subfolders: Be sure to provide meaningful names for any subfolders you create. The names of subfolders will typically map to a construct or area on your website (e.g., logo, portfolio, services, products, features, testimonials, blog). The folder structure on your machine should look similar to this hierarchy:

    Documents > Dropbox[your-company-domain-name]
    [topic-or-website-location] (subfolder)
    [topic-or-website-location] (subfolder)

  4. Copy your content files (photos, documents, text) of any media type (jpeg, pdf, xlsx, doc, page) into the most relevant [topic-or-website-location] folder. If we are at our computer, Dropbox will notify us. Important In case we are NOT at our computer when Dropbox notifies us, in your Company’s Project Site, Add a Comment on the most relevant Card indicating what content (files) have been copied into what Dropbox folder, so we are notified via a Project Site system-initiated Email message.

Dropbox File Size Limit